Book Club

Welcome to the Rease-Bolton Academy Book Club.
Your child’s connection to books they’ll want to read.



Each book is handpicked by teachers who know which books get kids excited about reading. From the hottest bestselling series, to page-turning nonfiction, there’s something for every child — even the most reluctant readers.


  • Students will receive a Book Club flyer with information about a new and exciting book selection. The assigned books are chosen based the student’s grade, reading level, and interests.

  • Each book is divided into 3 or 4 units comprised of 4 or 5 chapters each. Students are required to read one (1) chapter of their book each week, and complete worksheets, which cover reading comprehension and analysis, vocabulary, and sequencing. The student and teacher will then discuss the chapter in class.

  • Playing games is a great way to motivate your child to read while also firing up his / her competitive spirit, and keep the desire for reading going all year long. At the end of each unit, students will play a fun and interactive game, which tests the following:



Are you using a wide range of grammatical structures? Are you using these structures correctly? Are you showing that you can be flexible in your use of grammar?


Are you using a wide range of vocabulary? Is the vocabulary appropriate for the subject you’re talking about? Are you using this vocabulary correctly? Are you showing that you can use suitable vocabulary to discuss topics that are abstract and unfamiliar to you, as well as topics you are used to talking about?

Discourse Management

Are you showing that you can give both long and shorter answers? Are you able to speak fluently? Is what you’re saying relevant to the subject of the discussion? Are you able to discuss a subject in detail, and at a more general level too? Is what you’re saying clear and well organized?


Are you pronouncing individual words clearly? Is your voice going up and down at the right times? Are you stressing the right parts of words, and the right words in sentences? Does your pronunciation help you to communicate what you mean in a clear and effective way?

You don’t need to have a perfect English accent, but you must speak clearly
at all times.

Interactive Communication

Are you listening to the teacher and answering in a way that makes sense? Are you able to start and develop a conversation?


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